Ruby, a petite little Beagle, came to the shelter because she was continually urinating in the house – she’d been sent to a shelter 4 years before and had been given to this one and adopted and then immediately returned. No doubt the problem had become worse with every move as she became more and more stressed. The stress had made her drink a great deal and she was very anxious when she arrived in her ODH home. We suspected Cushings disease but the symptoms at least improved significantly as she relaxed into her new family and began to feel safe. Sadly, she suddenly showed serious pain and was rushed to the emergency clinic. There were two tumors in her abdomen and at least one had ruptured, sending her into circulatory collapse. Losing Ruby so suddenly was a great shock, but her ODH mom had given her such a happy couple of weeks and for that we are all grateful. Ruby died February 2015