Rugar is a 12 year old Doberman looking for a gentle retirement home. He is what’s commonly referred to as a “tripod dog”; a dog with only 3 legs. Rugar lost the leg many years ago due to an injury but we are told that it seems he “forgets” he has only 3 legs! Dogs can adapt so well to challenges, we humans can learn so much from them!

Rugar is wonderful with other dogs and children. He has never been observed around cats. Rugar weighs about 100 pounds, he’s a big boy! Rugar does have trouble doing stairs so he needs a home without them. He is accustomed to using a ramp when he needs to. Rugar can manage a while before needing a potty break but at his age, he shouldn’t have to hold it too long!  We are told Rugar is good to stay home inside while his humans are gone. Rugar is accustomed to having canine companionship so it would make him happy to have a friendly, mature dog to hang out with when he can’t be with his people.

Rugar requires thyroid medication twice a day. He will need this inexpensive treatment for the rest of his life. Rugar’s adopter will need to stay on top of having his thyroid checked to be sure it’s at a healthy level. Regular vet care is part of the commitment any adopter should make when adopting an animal, especially so for seniors. Rugar has a very large fatty growth behind his right front leg. We are told by his family the growth has been checked out by a vet and that the growth is benign. His family will provide vet records to potential adopters.

This handsome fellow enjoys getting out for exercise, he is good on leash. Rugar appreciates time to get out and smell and explore. It’s important that he’s allowed to keep moving for his mobility. While he takes nothing at this time for joint support, one would assume that starting him on something for his joints would help. Rugar will bark to alert you of strange noises.

Not enough can be said about Rugar’s wonderful temperament! His family says he is a very loving, very sweet, and very loyal dog. Rugar is a special dog who is so deserving of a home where he receives the attention he thrives on.

Rugar is located in Snohomish, WA. For contact information please email:

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.