Say hello to Bear, a 13 year old German Shepherd mix. He’s a 65 pound boy who is said to be the most expressive dog! Bear likes to “talk” and he has a lot of facial expressions. We bet he has lots of “stories” to tell. Bear is looking for his true and final forever home.

At this time Bear lives with another dog, a female who is the “alpha” of the pair. He is said to be fine with other dogs that are older and calm. He will not tolerate a young, active dog or one that wants to jump on him or get in his face. Bear appreciates the company of adult humans more than he does other dogs. He has lived with and done well with cats in the home. It is unknown how he’d do with children but we would suggest a home with calm, kind, kids 12 and over. One must understand and respect that he is an old boy with arthritis who needs gentle care.

All of this doesn’t mean Bear is not up for getting out for a daily walk! Bear is reportedly good on leash and he is accustomed to a slow paced 20-30 minute walk. It’s in a dog’s best interest to keep moving. Stairs are difficult for Bear to take so a home without many (if at all) would be best for this handsome boy.

Bear has not had senior vetting (blood work and urinalysis, etc.) since he was adopted from a shelter in 2016. He is up to date on vaccines but there is much more to caring for a senior dog than vaccines. Bear’s adopter needs to be willing and able to get him into a vet upon adoption to have him thoroughly checked out. He’s not taking anything for his arthritis currently; we bet some aid for that will help him greatly as we are told he does have tender spots. Bear has some reduced vision due to age but he can still see and hear.

Bear is crated at night but is able to stay out in the house with the company of the other dog while his person is at work. We believe a dog Bear’s age should never have to hold it too long! Bear has had a couple of accidents in the house, that could be from not being able to get out when he needed to. For the most part, his person says his house training is good.

If you’re looking for a buddy who is loving, affectionate and wants to engage in conversation with you, Bear just may be the friend you’ve been looking for!

Bear is located in Kirkland, WA. For contact information please email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.