Sam is a big handsome boy! At 85 pounds, Sam needs someone capable of handling his size. He is guessed to be about 11 years old. We are told people are always surprised when they hear that Sam is 11 years old. He acts like a youngster when it snows, catching snowballs in his mouth. He loves to be outside, to play and goes for walks twice a day. While he can be frisky, Sam also knows when to “chill”; he loves to nap and hang out with his humans.

Sam would love to be your one and only and by that, we mean a home without other animals-no cats, other dogs, farm animals. No dog park visits for Sam. Sam should not be around young children. Sam loves his adult humans but he has been afraid of some men, it is very specific to middle aged-older men with facial hair or men that smoke. Sam’s family is willing to share more specific information with potential adopters; their goal is to find him the best possible home where he will be most happy.

Sam’s new home should have a secure, fenced yard as he will take off exploring when he’s not leashed. Sam will bark to let you know when a delivery has arrived but for the most part we’re told his Bark Busters training has stuck with him. This is a very smart boy who knows some verbal commands.

Recently Sam’s vet noted he has a touch of arthritis. Like most dogs his age, Sam’s hearing and vision aren’t as sharp as they once were. Prior to COVID, Sam was accustomed to staying alone. He could manage quite a few hours without needing a potty break. Sam does not appreciate crates or being enclosed in small spaces. One should expect that Sam will need time to acclimate to a new home, we expect many dogs won’t be happy when their humans are able to return to their full time jobs!

Sam is a sweet dog who is looking for a committed, loving home. He is located in Redmond, WA.  For more information, please email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.