What a pretty girl 8 year old Samantha is. She is a big girl, a German Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix who weighs about 100 pounds. Samantha has not lived with other dogs but her she’s had lot of interaction with them at the dog park, groomer and neighborhood dogs. Her behavior around other dogs is described as “calm and not aggressive”. Samantha has lived with cats and kids of all ages. She is crate trained and reportedly well behaved in the house when left alone. This girl has so many things going for her; she’s said to be “entertaining, easy to train, affectionate, joyful and friendly”. She can do stairs and is great on leash. Samantha sounds like she would make a wonderful addition to any family. She helped raise a family of 5 kids, the hope is she will find an adopter that will have kind and gentle children who will appreciate all she has to offer.

Samantha is in Snohomish, WA.

Samantha shep-husky2-FS051616