Sasha Papillon After facing the fact that she could not longer care for her dog, and after months of searching for an alternative, Sasha’s elderly owner surrendered her beloved companion and worked hard to help the transition. Sasha, a trained service dog, suddenly lost her home, the owner who adored her, and her job and she had to adapt to a rag tag family of foster dogs and mismatched pack members. Being a Papillon (smart, clever, and determined), she reorganized her new pack and emerged as the princess, the only dog allowed on the bed, and the leader in defending the home. She particularly enjoys the backyard and supervising the birds at the bird feeder.

Update:  After almost 5 years, her Final Refuge family had to say good bye.  She was such a presence in her home and will be greatly missed.  Thanks to ODH, Sasha and her new family had many wonderful times together.