“Hi! My name is Seegar. I am a big boy who weighs 95 pounds. I’ve been told I’m a husky mix. I’m about 10 years old.  My loving person is no longer able to keep me as she needs help taking care of herself, she cannot care for me anymore.

“I have lived with other dogs and I am a very social boy. A home with other nice, friendly dogs could be great to find! I have not lived with cats and I’m not sure if I could live with one without giving chase, considering the husky in me. Kids are wonderful as long as they are gentle and respectful of me. Just because I’m a big fellow it doesn’t mean I want to be climbed on or pulled upon.

“At this point I’m able to manage stairs fine, I’m not showing any signs of arthritis but I know that will happen at some point. I truly hope I get to take daily walks in my new home! I will pull on a leash though, it’s in my nature. Perhaps my new human will work with me on my leash manners? I long to get out and stretch my legs!

“I have been known to last quite a while before I need a potty break but I’d hope, as we senior dogs do, that I won’t have to hold it long too often. Just like humans, old dogs need to potty more as we age. Staying alone at home is fine, I can do that without getting into any trouble. Please remember though, when I move, I may need time to settle in and be OK with my new human leaving the house. Some of us dogs worry when we’re “rehomed’ that our human won’t be coming back! I’m not a nervous, anxious dog though. I’m not a needy dog; my family now would tell you I am laid back and quiet.  I’m happy just lounging around in and outside my home. Just don’t think it’d be OK to keep me outside all of the time-that’s not cool! Another good thing about me is, I’m not a barky, vocal dog.

“I am a very good boy who has so much love to offer a family and hope to find a new home very soon. I’m ready for my true, forever home!”

Seegar is posted for his owner in Mt. Lake Terrace, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.