Serenity was surrendered to Smidget Rescue by family after the death of her most recent elderly owner.  This sweet little girl has been through a lot of change in her 15 years.  She was adopted by an elderly person in a care facility and then was passed on to other residents in the building when her owner passed away.  Rather than continuing this cycle, the family of the third owner took Serenity in and provided for all her deferred medical and grooming needs before surrendering her to Smidget Rescue.

Since being in her foster home Serenity has flourished.  She loves the yard and will run across the grass with joy, tail up and ears flapping.  After spending most of her life indoors, Serenity will only be placed in a home with a fenced yard for her to enjoy, she deserves this pleasure for her last years.  She has no issues living with other dogs, but because she is rather fragile at 8 pounds, any other dogs need to be respectful of her space and safety.  She will be fine in a household either as an only dog or with dogs/cats as long as they do not expect her to interact with them.

Despite limited vision, Serenity always has her human on the radar.  She will follow the humans around the house and yard to be near them.  She is not a lap dog, but loves to settle in a dog bed next to the feet of a human sitting on a couch or chair.  Serenity is touch shy and does not appreciate a lot of petting or handling.  Adopters will need to be patient and build trust with her.  A household with older or no children will be required.

Serenity is currently on no medications, but any adopters must be prepared to take her in for regular senior dog bloodwork and able to handle the medical issues which occur in elderly dogs. Despite having no teeth, she eats tiny bites kibble with gusto.

For an application, email Smidget Rescue at  Serenity is being fostered in Burien WA.  With Covid travel restrictions, Smidget is only able to adopt within Washington State or the Portland area of Oregon.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.