Willow is a lovely girl about 10 years old who landed up in a shelter after life in a hoarding situation and not much early education. Old Dog Haven was asked to find her a Final Refuge home after a long stay at the shelter with no adoption prospects.  She arrived in her new home like a 90 pound bull in a china shop, with 2 mammary tumors (fortunately benign), and had a mouthful of teeth that would have frightened Frankenstein! She also wasn’t spayed. Through the generosity of ODH, the tumors were removed, she was spayed, she had a complete dental, and she completed several weeks of professional doggie training.

Willow is now a healthy, happy dog of about 80 pounds who loves walks and playing outdoors. She could fetch balls all day but is just as happy to be quiet inside, as long as she can be by her mom. She loves to cuddle, accepts gushing and hugs from strangers who think she’s wonderful (she is!), and has the cutest not-so-little tongue that sticks out when she’s sleeping, chasing rabbits in her dreams.

She takes treats very gently, is patient at mealtime, loves her baths, and is very good at the vet clinic. “Willie” is an alert, curious, smart and eager-to-please dog who is excited at her second chance at life, eager to finish discovering the life she deserves. Everyone who meets Willow loves her, but none more than her ODH mom!Willow shepx 0416.1-FR071816

Update 11/25/19:
Willow has been with me 4 years now! In that time she has welcomed four other old pups into the pack and later helped to send them over the Rainbow Bridge. She is probably about 14 years old now. Her muzzle is whiter, her eyes cloudier, her step a bit more uncertain, her naps are a bit longer, and in her dreams old Willow’s chasing those rabbits full speed ahead! She’s deaf as a post, so when I leave the house I make sure she sees me go, otherwise she searches high and low trying to find me…it breaks my heart, how much she loves and wants to be with me. Despite her increasing infirmities, Willow still enjoys walks, “pretend chasing” squirrels, car rides, greeting all she meets and keeping abreast of all the p-news. Willow has taken great advantage of the second chance at life that Old Dog Haven and her wonderful sponsors have provided her. And it is still absolutely true: everyone who meets Willow loves her, but still none more than her mom.

Update 2021 From Willow’s Mom:  In the spring of 2021, Willow was diagnosed with lymphoma. For a couple months she did well on meds, a supportive diet, daily exercise, and lots and lots of love. But it all finally became too much, and she told me she was ready to move on to the place she is young and pain-free again. Letting Willow go was the least I could do in return for all the love she gave me in our nearly six years together. Willow was a big dog with a big heart who has left a big hole in mine.   We were very blessed that this wonderful girl could have stayed so long with her loving family.

Willow shepx 0416 running-FR071816