Pickles is a 15-year-old Pom who was surrendered to Old Dog Haven after his owner passed away. The owner’s family took him in temporarily but needed to find him a permanent home where he would have the love and care he needed to thrive. Luckily, one of our most dedicated and compassionate foster families volunteered to add this adorable boy to their senior pack. Like most old dogs that find their way to Old Dog Haven, Pickles was living with many health issues that will now be treated by one of our experienced vets. He seems to have typical Pom tracheal issues, no teeth, is deaf and has limited vision in one of his eyes. 

None of his health problems have stopped him from enjoying his new life with his forever family. This tiny bundle of joy weighs in at only 5 pounds which makes him the perfect lap dog. He has made himself very comfortable and you will often find him napping on the couch or dog bed with a number of his new Old Dog Haven siblings. He is described as happy, outgoing and loves taking car rides. On laundry days, this helpful guy likes to snuggle up on a pile of mom’s freshly dried clothes!
Pickle’s foster family is so happy he will always be surrounded by good friends and he is finally feeling safe and very loved in his final home.
Update:  Sadly, Pickles health issues worsened and his family had to say goodbye.  He was such a very sweet boy and will be greatly missed.