Sobe, an 11-pound chihuahua, landed in the shelter at age 15 when his owner went into assisted living that would not allow her little dog. He is beautifully cared for and in very good shape for his age.

Sobe is a lovely little dog although he is pretty shell shocked by his sudden change in circumstances. He is shy but once you have him in your arms he relaxes and loves to be held and petted. He was very sweet on intake but has been terrified and overwhelmed in the shelter so has been moved to a satellite adoption site in hopes that he becomes less fearful and can let his personality shine. In the past he has lived with cats and another dog, but it has just been his former owner and him for the past few years. He is much too old to be left in a frightening place!

Sobe is posted for the Regional Animal Services of King County.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH DOG; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

  • Regional Animal Services of King County
  • Phone: 425-406-8081