We knew that tiny Sophia would not have much time with us but we wanted whatever time to be as comfortable and full of love as possible. She came very sick with congestive heart failure and very stressed: she’d been left (at what was supposedly 18 years of age) at a shelter not knowing what had happened, then yet another move to a new home. With medication for her failing heart and severe joint pain, as well as a lot of love and effort to help her eat, she was able to rally enough to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of her new life – like looking out the windows in the arms of her foster mom or exploring her new surroundings. Her mom cherished the time just holding her for hours each day and she quickly responded. Her eyes began to have a sparkle to them and her stress melted away. Our time with her though ended much sooner than any of us wanted, despite all our efforts and her willingness to fight. Her little body just could no longer carry on. Her foster mom is thankful for every moment spent with her and adds that she is always amazed how these dogs can overcome all they have been through and are still able to let go of that and accept the love they are now given. It is heartbreaking to let them go yet the rewards of being part of their precious lives, even but for a short time, leaves a lasting impression that no one can take away. Sophia was a special angel who is deeply missed. She passed away February 2, 2014.