Little Shadow was taken to the shelter by his owners who said they did not have time for him. A Bichon Frise sporting a new haircut and looking very well-cared for seemingly gave him a good chance of being adopted even at 12 years of age. In reality, Shadow was urinating frequently and seemingly could not control it. He had some very rotten teeth, but remained a very sweet, undemanding boy. The shelter suspected bladder stones were the cause of his accidents and called us. Old Dog Haven sent a foster mom to take him to our veterinarian and the following day Shadow had at least 15 large bladder stones removed! That poor little boy had to have been in terrible pain for a very long time. After recovery he also had to have 10 teeth removed but he is now pain-free and a very happy, happy boy. He is obedient, loving, quiet and sweet and is much loved. His Final Refuge parents guarantee that he will stay on a strict prescription diet to ward off the occurrence of more stones, with very regular monitoring, and that he will be treasured until the end of his days. After getting past his early struggles, sweet little Shadow developed bladder cancer. When the pain became too much he was sent on to a peaceful rest with a great deal of love. This little sweetheart will be very much missed. He passed away January 22, 2014.