Tobias (a/k/a Tobi)

This little dog came to his Final Refuge home on a Friday and was only able to stay for one week.  His new family fell in love as soon as they met him.  He was a real love bug – wanted to be held and followed his family all over the house  (yes, even into the bathroom).  Unfortunately after only a few days,  he just wasn’t breathing right and his new family took him to the vet.  That began a story of trying to figure out what was wrong with him and how to help him,  with everybody who came into contact with him falling in love.  When he wasn’t getting better, he was taken to a vet emergency and it became clear he just wasn’t strong enough to go on.  With much love his new family let him go – and for such a short time, he touched the lives of all who met him.  Rest in peace little guy.  You were very much loved at the end.

Thank you to ODH and the wonderful donors who made it possible to give little Tobias a loving last chapter.