“I’m looking for my second chance in life, can you help me?

“My name is Spike and I’m 10 years old. I’m a big guy at 78 pounds. They call me a boxer/pitbull mix. I am alive today thanks to some very nice people at the vet clinic I’ve been living at. They are trying to help me find my forever home.

“I used to live with other dogs but it’d be best if I could find a home where I was the one and only animal. I promise to give you all the love and devotion you’d ever need, you won’t long for any other animals with me around!

“In my former home there were kids and I really loved them. A home with kids would be nice as long as they know to be gentle with me. I have arthritis now and shouldn’t be pulled on or jumped upon.

“Because I have arthritis, a home with a lot of stairs could be hard on me. I can manage a long time without a potty break because I have no other choice now but a home where I can get out more often or whenever I need to would be really appreciated.

“Living here at the vet clinic can be stressful sometimes. The nice people here get me out to walk and play as often as they can but they know this isn’t a home and it’s not fair for me to stay here indefinitely. I’ve had a rash they say is due to stress so they treat that and they sometimes give me a pill (Trazadone) when I get anxious. But they understand, a dog isn’t meant to live in a kennel like this. I need a real home.

“I love squeaky toys and playing fetch. I am very good on leash. I went to basic obedience training so I know how to be a good boy. Sometimes I get to be out in at the front desk with my friends who work at the clinic.

“I’m a really loving boy whose dream is to find a home very soon. If you can’t adopt me, I hope you will tell your friends about me. There must be someone out there who will want me!”

Spike is located in Richland, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.