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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Steffie (black Brussels Griffon) and Charlie (white Maltese mix) needed a new home because their Mom could no longer care for them.  We were looking to add to our family with another Old Dog Haven foster dog and were told about Charlie and we were very interested in having him join our family.  It seems it was felt that he might be the hardest to find a home for.  Charlie was born with only a stump for his left front leg and his right front leg is not fully formed although he can support himself, sort of.  We felt that since Charlie weighs just under 7 pound he would be easy to carry around, getting him in and out for potty breaks and where ever else he desired to go.  We agreed to take Charlie but found out that there was also another dog in the home, an 8.5 pounder that would also be needing a home, we could not split them up although it was felt it would be okay to do so, we agreed to take Steffie also.

We had not talked to Sissy Alice (our current Old Dog Haven Foster dog) yet as we truly wanted it to be a surprise.  We are so glad that we agreed to take both dogs, Sissy Alice is okay with them being here but mostly ignores them both and although Charlie and Steffie are not closely bonded, they look for each other and Steffie will sleep next to Charlie’s dog bed.  They have both adjusted to the living arrangement change and are very happy to now be sleeping on a queen size bed with a human.  Both dogs came with skin issues so twice weekly baths are in their current life and future.

We have learned that Charlie can get around, he has managed to hobble across the living room to find out what is happening on the other big dog bed by the slider and has now started to roll on his back for belly rubs.  Charlie is pretty bald and although we have heard that bald is beautiful, we are hopeful that with proper nutrition and care his coat will start to grow back.  His skin is pretty scaly yet but in just the short time he has been with us it is clearing up and we have seen improvement.

Steffie came to us with terrible eyes, green goop and hair stuck under her eyelids but with soaking, rinsing and lubrication they are greatly improved.  Steffie has chronic dry eye which is not curable so she will require eye meds 3 times a day for life and the area around the eyes free from fur and kept clean.  Because her dry eye was not treated for so long, she is nearly blind, we will learn more when she sees the canine ophthalmologist.  Her skin was not as severely damaged as Charlie but she also has scaly patches that bathing will help.

Both dogs have had their intake exams with a veterinarian thanks to Old Dog Haven and those who sponsor and donate to Old Dog Haven, plans have been made to start them on their way to a healthier life full of love and pampering, which has already begun.


Steffie’s skin is all cleared up after visiting a canine dermatology clinic and being on meds and continued twice weekly baths.  Steffie has been diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease which isn’t the best news but she doesn’t know it and we are not going to tell her.  She is still feeling fine with just a couple of symptoms but if more symptoms develope we will reconsider medication.  Cushing’s is sadly not curable but hopefully she will have a few more years with us.  She is a doll and such a kind loving dog who does her best to get someone to play with her when she’s not trying to talk me into feeding her.  She is a sweetheart.

Charlie’s skin is all healed and he is no longer bald, all of his hair has grown back, even on his little piggy tail which I thought would never grow hair.  Charlie was diagnosed with low thyroid so with the additon of one half of a thyroid pill twice daily it has made all the difference in his skin and coat but also his energy level and appetite.  It always amazes me how one little pill can make all the difference but it took us several months of testing and medication adjustment to get to the correct dosage.  Charlie is my velcro dog, if I leave the room he screams like something is seriously wrong, I guess for him it is.  He has decided that the cat, who he has basically ignored for 6 months, is now the enemy and he will chase him and try to bite him but with no teeth and not nearly as fast as the cat it is a losing proposition, the cat just ignores him.  Charlie is a real character and brings us so much joy with his quirky little ways and his look that cold melt an iceberg.

We are so thankful to Old Dog Haven for taking these two into their care and for allowing us to be their family, they have enriched our lives and I can not imagine our home without them.

A special thank you to all of those who so generously sponsor and support Old Dog Haven dogs, without all of you none of this would be possible.

Steffie and tongue

Steffie posing

Steffie on the grass

Steffie and Charlie with Dad

Charlie, Steffie and Kitty

Charlie enjoying his bed

Charlie in the grass!

Charlie in pose

Charlie investigating

Steffie and Charlie is sponsored by:

  • Iria Giuffrida of Williamsburg, VA in honor of Isabelle - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Nani Zyuzin of Camano Island, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Victor Nosce - Lifetime