“You may be able to tell by the gray hairs on our muzzles that we are no longer young pups. We’re seniors now; about 13 years old to be exact. We never thought we’d end up homeless at this age, but here we are. It turned out that our person was a senior too, and when we had to say goodbye to them last year, our lives changed in a big way.”

Meet Stuart and Willow! This sibling-duo is so easy!  They are friendly, fun-loving, potty trained, and are great in the car! Really, they are happy doing just about anything together, and love when they get the added benefit of snuggling up with their favorite person(s). They are great on leash and still enjoy long walks filled with lots of opportunities for scent exploring, play time in the yard, and afternoon naps.

Willow (female, brindle Pug mix) and Stuart (Rat Terrier) both weigh about 17 pounds. They get along well with all people, including strangers and kids, as well as most dogs. Although they generally do well with other dogs, if they go to a house with other dogs, it is thought that Willow’s sometimes-pushy-attitude would be best suited for a non-reactive, male dog.  Willow also seems to be a little “too interested” in the cats she has seen around at the shelter. This leads shelter staff to believe that a home without the temptation to bark and chase cats would be a more ideal situation.

Willow and Stuart have been at the shelter for over 6 months now. The hope was that they could find a loving retirement home together, but unfortunately, they haven’t had any luck. In an effort to give Willow and Stuart every possible chance of happiness in a home, the shelter has tried to adopt them out separately. So the shelter is trying again now to post them as the bonded pair they are so that they can find a loving person(s) to take them both on.

Willow and Stuart are posted for the Animal Protection Society of Friday Harbor in Friday Harbor, WA. If you are interested in adopting, and would like to make an appointment for a meet and greet, please fill out and submit their Canine Adoption Application from their website here.

These are not Old Dog Haven dogs. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.