Stubbs was brought to the shelter by his last owner, who’d gotten him from CraigsList – which probably means a dog who’d been passed around a lot. He arrived at his ODH home, decided who would be his person and that he was not going to let go. He was called Chubbs at the time, but with diet and exercise he’s now known as Stubbs to better fit his manly physique. His horribly diseased mouth was a serious challenge to the dental specialist but now he can eat comfortably and we’re working on a challenging ear infection. He’s worth it! The unique color (dapple plus that white half-belt and adorable little spotted legs) gets lots of attention, but his perky personality and enthusiasm for following mom around outside at a brisk pace have really endeared him to us. Our much beloved little guy was lost in a matter of hours from pneumonia; he’d been a happy fellow running around the pasture and trotting enthusiastically up and down the road and no one knows where this came from. He brought so many smiles into our home and such a warm spot in his mom’s lap – he is deeply missed and we are so glad we shared this time with him. Stubbs died March 25, 2015.