This beautiful old girl didn’t even have a shelter name when she was posted as urgently in need of a home. She was fragile and bewildered at suddenly becoming a stray, and having a very hard time getting up in the concrete kennel. That post brought a ray of hope to a long-time ODH foster family who had just said good-bye to another of their ODH beloveds.

“She lit up the screen as I read about her through tears that morning,” says her permanent foster Mom. We knew immediately that she was meant for us, and we named her Sunshine — because that’s what she brought to us on that dark day.”

It’s hard to imagine her with any other name. Her coat glistens, her eyes sparkle, and she has a quizzical gaze that melts your heart. She’s quite statuesque, and looks as if there might be some counter-surfing in her future when she feels more secure at home.  Sunshine is mostly silent — and is super respectful of other dogs in the household. Her life will be luxurious, with lots of care and attention to her aching joints and dwindling muscle tone.

Her family marvels at how Sunshine shifted their grief to utter joy. “Now we’ve got Sunshine every day!”