Snoopy is a quiet girl who likes to keep to herself. She is not desperate to be with her people or with other dogs although she does not mind them. Snoopy does not bark, she is housebroken and has great house manners. She does not like toys and is picky about treats. She is a good eater and does not have any issues with food with another dog, she simply walks away. Snoopy sleeps on a dog bed in the foster’s bedroom with no issues. She loves to go for walks and does well on lead, if she is off leash she will stay near you and come when called. She has visited the dog park and likes to walk around and sniff but doesn’t interact with the other dogs…again, she doesn’t mind them, just not inclined to play. She does not seem to have any health issues. She has not been around cats in this rescue’s care so they can’t speak to how she would do with a feline friend.

Snoopy would do well in a quiet home with a person who would like a dog but does not want a dog who is in their face. Since Snoopy does not like playing and is hesitant about being petted she would not do well with children. She loves her walks so someone who would like a companion to walk with would be great.

Snoopy is posted for Love-A-Mutt Pet Rescue and is fostered in Kent WA, please email (see below) for more information.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.