“Hello, please allow me to introduce myself and tell you my story. I’ve been called Mademoiselle Sweetie Pie all of my 11 years of life. You can call me “Madam or Sweetie Pie or Sweetie”, whatever you like. I weigh 59 pounds now, I’m a little slim right now which is better than being too fat. I bet you’ll never guess what kind of dog I am! The story my beloved human was told was that I was a “lovechild” between a pug and a St. Bernard! Someone was breeding both breeds separately and one day a pug and St. Bernard got together and created me and 5 of my siblings.

My beloved human, who has since passed away, got me from that breeder who was giving us puppies away in front of a Safeway.  I’m really pretty: these photos don’t do me justice but trust me, how many Pug/St. Bernard dogs have you met?  I’ve always lived with other dogs. I prefer males I think because I was viciously attacked by a mean female dog (yeah I know what you’re thinking!) once when I was a puppy. I’ve never been around cats before so I have no way to let you know how I may react to one. I get annoyed with hyper kids; I’d like a home without any around. So I’m getting ahead of myself here. Yes, I need a new home very soon. Since my lady died, her daughter took me in but she really can’t take care of me. I am hoping for a new home with some space (we live in a very small RV now) with someone who can afford to feed me and take me to the vet when I need it. I’ve never lived in a house with stairs and while I think I could manage some, I recently jumped off the bed and hurt my leg so I have a limp. I did get some pain medicine for my limp, thankfully. I’ve always enjoyed sleeping with my person but if you don’t want to share your bed with me I’ll make due in a dog bed close to you. I’m a great protector type but I’m also gentle and sweet. This is how I got my name!

I like toys and going for car rides. I have very good manners; I won’t get into garbage or things left on the floor. All of that and I’m smart too! I know how to round the boys up when my person says “Go find your brother and bring him in”.  I know how to use the dog door and I can stay alone but I do appreciate the company of nice dogs. I think I’d probably prefer a home with other dogs. I live with 2 Pomeranian boys now and we get along great. So there you have it, if you cannot adopt me maybe you’ll tell your friends about me? I really do need a home very, very soon. I will be a loyal, loving forever friend.”

Sweetie Pie is in Yelm, WA.

ODH has not met this dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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