Sydney must have been well loved in her previous life, but then landed as a “stray” at a big shelter. She had a large inoperable tumor on her chest, and was very wobbly in the back end though only 10 years old. She moved very easily into her ODH home, enjoyed the company of the resident dog, loved lounging in the sun on the desk or the grass, rolled in the grass for a belly rub, and really loved going for walks. Those back legs got a little stronger though they still really limited her mobility. Then a sudden wave of pain hit, Sydney was rushed to the emergency clinic, and a severe “bloat” condition was found. Surgery is very hard on the dog, the problem so often reoccurs… so her family said a sad goodbye and let her go on to a peaceful rest. They remember how happy she was and are glad they were able to give her love and comfort for the last weeks of her life. Sydney passed away June 2015.