In February of 2022, Old Dog Haven received a call about Teddy, a 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier, who had been with his owner his entire life. The owner’s family was concerned for him and explained that Teddy had moved with his owner in a care facility and was not adjusting well to all the changes. His owner was not able to care for Teddy and he was confined to his room without much activity and was alone most of the day which made him anxious and unhappy. It was not a good fit for a dog with lots of terrier energy! Our family was asked to foster Teddy and we were excited to give him the attention and life of adventure he was craving.

Teddy came into our home and was very sad and overwhelmed the first few days. He kept to himself and tried to adjust to all his foster siblings and new surroundings. Over the next week he started to come out of his shell and we saw a tail wag and some enthusiasm when we would go for walks on the property. Once he was settled in, this 16 year old terrier turned into a puppy. Every day is the best day of his life! Every morning he excitedly waits by the door so he can go out to explore his property. His favorite thing to do is run as fast as he can, sprinting with all four feet off the ground and a huge smile on his face. He sniffs every bush, chases his foster sisters all over the yard, goes for a stroll in the woods, comes inside to take a nap on his favorite corner bed and then it starts all over again. After living years without much attention or stimulation, Teddy is making up for lost time and makes the most out of every day. You would never guess this senior dog is about to turn 17!

As an Old Dog Haven foster, Teddy receives amazing medical care. Teddy has arthritis in his back end and is currently on medication to alleviate the stiffness and pain which also gives him more mobility. In the last year, he has also battled some minor health issues related to his heart, bladder and is on additional medication to control involuntary muscle spasms.

Old Dog Haven has given Teddy a second chance at a brand new life where he is loved and every day is a new adventure.

Update:  Dear Teddy was very old when he joined his Final Refuge family and was able to stay over 1 1/2 years – and they were wonderful years for him.  He relished every day and will be greatly missed.  A very special boy.

Walking with friends

Keeping watch over his property!

Flying and having so much fun