9 year old Terra is a 50 pound English Setter. She is a high energy dog who is a loving girl.

The ideal adopter will be someone who jogs and likes doing that with a dog on leash in hand.  The next best will be someone very secure on their feet that enjoys at least a 2 mile brisk walk a few times per day.  If you have a fenced yard and a strong rotator cuff, throwing balls for Terra will help exhaust her.

Terra was trained as a bird dog and is used to running and hunting and being out for hours on end.  She is very much like a puppy in that when she’s “up” she will just run and when tired out she will collapse and want to snuggle with you.

Terra is in excellent health and since going into rescue, she has had a full senior wellness exam including a dental.  She has suffered from ear infections all of her life due in part because of her long ear canals but with good, continued medical care and lifelong maintenance, she should be infection free.

Terra is a people dog.  She loves every single person she meets.  She is incredibly demonstrative towards people she knows.  She does not jump on people but if she knows YOU, she does stand on her back legs and places her paws gently on you, as if to give you a hug.  No force or pressure used.

Terra is not looking for a canine companion.  She is a family dog and may not bond to any particular person in the family.  She will love everyone.  She will be best as the only dog.  The rescue will consider case by case if there is another dog in the family.  Her main issues with other dogs is that they can’t mess with her ”stuff” or food.

She is completely housebroken and hasn’t even had one accident which is quite unusual for a foster dog in a new environment.  Terra  cannot be confined to a crate or kennel.  She must be with her person.

Terra goes to bed early, gets up early, and sleeps through the night and she is a SNUGGLER.

Terra needs a home where someone is home during the day and can provide consistent and regular attention and exercise.  She must have a fenced yard because her brain will switch off in a split second if she sees a bird or squirrel and off she will run.

Terra is just learning leash manners at 9.  She would not be good for anyone with balance issues.  She is strong and could pull someone down.

Terra is cross posted for Rebecca’s Rainbow. She is being fostered in Woodinville, WA. For more information about Terra, please email Eleni at: elleny@comcast.net

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.