Terra came from the shelter very anxious and stressed.  We don’t know what she went through before winding up at the shelter, but it left her very damaged both emotionally and physically.

​After many trips to the vet (many thanks to Old Dog Haven) and lots of love and care​, she is a different dog.  Terra’s missing hair has now grown in and she has a beautiful coat and best of all the tumor on her ear has been removed.

​Finally this sweet girl is able to enjoy life in her new home.  She is also now beginning to enjoy trips with ​her pack mates to the park, pub &​visiting ​ grandma.

​Our girl can still be a challenge​ as her old troubles re-surface.  She can get  very excitable​ and her nervous tics ​return.  She has gotten in a few fights with our youngest Aussie​ but much less so now​.  ​However,  as she has learned she can trust us, she responds​very well to verbal training.  We have a ‘Terra timeout chair’ where she can sit until she is able to calm down.  This girl with so many issues is now a treasured member of our home.

Update:  After a year of tremendous progress, dear Terra began to once experience increasing challenges from her former abuses.  The only choice, though it broke her foster parents’ hearts, was to release her and send her off with lots of kisses and love.  Terra will always be remembered as the very bravest girl who was much loved at the end of her life.