Tomasa, a Scottie with a great personality, was left at the shelter at age 11.   She’d clearly been a loved, well socialized, happy pet but there she was – and the shelter medical team diagnosed her with a large nonremovable bladder tumor.   The prognosis for this kind of cancer is poor, but one of ODH’s experienced foster homes agreed to take her on for hospice care.

Three months later, Tomasa doesn’t seem to have read her medical report.   She  continues to be her bouncy, fun self with no signs of her health failing yet.  She jumps and runs at walk and food time and jumps in her ODH mom’s lap regularly for hugs and kisses.  They love her at the “beautification” shop and she’s a hit at ODH outreach events.     We know this will come to an end in the not-too-distant future but for now she is having a great life and is much loved.

Update:  On 4/13/18 her ODH family celebrated the life of Miss Tomasa (AKA Sassypants). We got an extra month bonus as she was only supposed to live 3 months after she came here. Her veterinarian tenderly helped her cross the Rainbow Bridge.    Please don’t be sad, she lived a wonderful, joyous life to the very end and was surrounded by love.