Thor, a completely charismatic black lab, was left at a shelter when his owner went to a care facility but in horrific condition. The shelter immediately called ODH because of the HUGE tumor growing out of his ear and growing through the wall of his face. We could see it in a photo from several feet away. Thor was very thin, and not yet neutered, but one of our longtime ODH moms with a special love for labradors was willing to take him in and try to help him. A dermatologist with special equipment found that there were tumors in both ears and urged immediate surgery. The wonderful surgeon who had done this challenging TECA-BO surgery removed the ear canal and tumors in one surgery – and neutered him as well – but had to wait until medication could reduce the inflammation in the other. After a second surgery he was comfortable for the first time in no doubt many years.

Thor had charmed all at the specialty center, as well as everyone he has met since then – what a lovely dog he is! We once more marveled at how a dog could tolerate so much pain for so long and still be friendly, tolerant, agreeable and happy. Now he’s far more happy and enjoys being an ambassador for ODH at events.

Many thanks to the Maranda Fund donors who made all this surgery possible!

Update: After getting through his very major ear surgeries and settling into being a happy, spoiled member of his family, Thor started coughing.    The specialist couldn’t find the cause until another xray showed a lesion in his lung and then it grew rapidly. Treatment kept the symptoms at bay for a couple of months before the cancer overtook him.    This wonderful dog will be so missed.

Thor lab 0716.3