Old Dog Haven was contacted about a 13-year-old senior dog named Tia who turned into a shelter with a long list of medical ailments which made her unadoptable. She was not spayed, had numerous mammary tumors, severe dental disease, infected ears, and limited vision. Luckily, a wonderful Old Dog Haven foster home thought Tia was just the kind of dog they wanted to add to their family.

Soon after she arrived, Tia was finally able to receive the medical care she urgently needed to regain her health. Tia was spayed, had her many mammary tumors removed and was able to see an ophthalmologist for her vision issues. Tia also underwent a major dental surgery and her dental disease was so advanced that she ended up having 18 teeth extracted!

This girl is feeling so much better now that she is getting the attention she deserves. Her foster mom says she lives for car rides and told us “She wakes up every morning happy and bouncing around on the bed, which starts me out laughing every day!”

Tia has gone from a homeless shelter dog to a cherished member of a family, who brings joy to everyone she meets.

Update:  After spending lots of wonderful time with her loving family, Tia had a severe injury and her family had to send her on with much sadness.  Tia was very special and so loved in her Final Refuge home.  We are grateful for the time she had and she will always be in our hearts.