Tobee is looking for a human or humans who love to throw tennis balls and cuddle. This young senior came to Smidget Rescue after his beloved owner died.

His fosters have discovered that Tobee’s favorite things are chasing a tennis ball (no substitute allowed), cuddling – under covers is even better, food, and being near a human. Car rides and walks are just fine as long as he is with a human. Tobee even did well and made lots of friends when his foster took him to work.

This little guy is only 12 pounds and does not act anything like his age of 8 years. Tobee was an only dog with his previous owner, but is doing fine with other kind dogs in his foster home. He would likely be fine with cats as long as they do not run from him.

When he was much younger, Tobee snapped a cruciate ligament in one of his rear legs. The Smidget vet does not recommend repairing it since it is an old injury and the surgery and rehabilitation is very hard for an older dog. Tobee gets around just fine, including jumping and dancing with excitement when it is mealtime. He takes a medication once a day to assist with any aches from this injury.

Tobee was not at all accustomed to any rules in his past life. While he is perfectly potty trained, he will growl and snap when his fosters try to move or correct him.  An adopter will need to continue working on this. Because of his age and unwillingness to be corrected, Tobee needs a household without small children.

At first, Tobee had significant separation anxiety. However, he now understands that the humans always return and is ok being left alone.

Like many dogs, Tobee takes his duty to guard his home seriously and will bark if someone comes to the door or if he sees people walking by. Because of this, Tobee will need to live in a house.

Tobee is being fostered in Burien and would love to meet his new forever humans.  If you are interested in being that forever human for Tobee, email for an application.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.