Meet Tobee, a young senior at 8 years, who is full of energy and lives to play. He loves humans, other dogs, cuddling, and playing with his ball. This little guy takes the job of guarding the house seriously and will bark to alert you of activity outside.

Tobee came into rescue after his beloved owner died. He was extremely shut down and withdrawn. His fosters have watched his personality bloom as he spends more time in their home.

While he is a very healthy and active senior, Tobee does have a couple medical conditions an adopter needs to be aware of. Somehow, he snapped a cruciate ligament and rarely uses his left rear leg. But you can see from the video (in his album on the Smidget Rescue Facebook Page), that it rarely slows him down! Additionally, Tobee is developing arthritis in his spine. Both are being managed by daily pain medication. The vet is not leaning towards fixing the ligament, as a dog his age may not fare well with the complicated recovery and rehab. It has been injured for a very long time. Finally, Tobee has cataracts, common in senior dogs, which limit his vision somewhat.

Because of his alert barking, Tobee is not a good match for apartment living. He will need a family with older children who can respect his arthritis and not pick him up or roughhouse with him. He does have significant separation anxiety. Being a constant companion with his previous owner makes him worry about being alone and needs a family where someone is home most of the time. His foster has taken him to work and he was perfectly behaved in that setting and happy to greet new people and sit on their laps! So far, he has not been observed with cats. Because he loves to chase the other dogs in the household while barking if they run, he would not be a good match for a cat who runs away.

Tobee is being fostered in Burien and would love to meet his new forever humans.  If you are interested in being that forever human for Tobee, email for an application.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

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