11 year old Tucker is a very handsome, mini aussie mix, said to be about 27 pounds. Described as being “goofy and energetic”, this fellow is in need of a child free home. Tucker has been a wonderful companion to adults. He is said to be very loving and loyal. Surely there’s a home out there for this boy?!

Tucker had been a grandma’s dog. He was accustomed to having just his lady around and life was good. When she passed away, an elderly friend of grandma’s took him in. Unfortunately she passed away too. Family took Tucker in but their home is not a good fit for him. We appreciate when family members will step up for a dog but it isn’t always the best placement. Tucker is ready to go back to living with adults. He has done well living with family members’ dogs. So perhaps he could enjoy the company of another dog in his adoptive home? It is unknown if Tucker could live with a cat.

Not only handsome, Tucker is smart! He knows many very commands and he will “dance” for you! Tucker truly wants to please his person. He has been fine to stay alone in the house when the humans leave, waiting a few hours between potty breaks. Tucker will bark when he sees things outside-birds, people, cars or when he needs to go outside or come back in. It sounds like  his barking is not “excessive”; however -he is a dog!  One should consider whether or not your home is right for a dog whose barking may upset neighbors. Dogs are rehomed for this reason and we’d not want this to happen to Tucker.

At this time Tucker is not getting out for many walks. He was very excited when his current person tried to walk him, pulling and jumping, which leads us to think he needs more time out on leash.  Because he’s so smart and wants to please, we’d bet he could enjoy some leash training. Patience and practice can go a long way. Tucker is a young senior, he loves short periods of play. He loves being outside with his person in a secure area. Tucker can manage stairs at this time.

Tucker is ready for a rest of his lifetime commitment! If you are ready for a forever friend and you don’t have children around, maybe you will consider him? He sounds like a fun and affectionate dog!

Tucker is located in Steilacoom, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Tucker is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 


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