Tucker is a gentleman at heart who loves his people. He joined his ODH home at age 13 after his lifetime owner moved into an assisted living facility. He struggled quite a bit with skin allergies when he first joined his family, but thanks to his amazing vet and the wonderful ODH supporters his skin issues are now managed and he lives a comfortable life. Tucker likes to sleep on the bed at night and gets very excited when his people play with him. Aside from Tucker’s allergies he is a very healthy senior guy who is friendly to all he meets. When Tucker first became an ODH dog it was thought that he would be adoptable; due to a few issues related to his allergies however he will live out his final years with his human mom and dad, his ODH sister Gigi and his foster sisters.

Update:  At the age of nearly 17, little Tucker’s body just could go no further. He’d been well loved by his first family and his ODH family, and could ask for nothing more. He will be remembered with a smile.