When ODH contacted us with a possible good fit for our household we were instantly smitten by the picture we were sent.

Tyrone was picked up as a stray, was a possible schnauzer poodle mix and had never been neutered. His age was estimated at around 12 and he was reported as amiable.

We didn’t have to think about it long before we were in our car to pick him up. He was friendly and wary, we took him and our other ODH foster Ruby for a lovely walk in a nearby park where he proceeded to try to be WAY too friendly with Ruby… every few steps. I remember thinking “What on earth have I signed up for”? He was excited and energetic and anything but relaxed. After talking with ODH, I was able to calm down and sure enough, with time, patience, and a much needed neuter, Tyrone settled in and became a wonderful member of our family.

Thanks to ODH he received vet care including a much needed dental and neuter. He felt better after having 8 teeth pulled. Everyday he seems more relaxed with us. Our vet has guessed him to be closer to 15/16, but very healthy, He needs to gain a few pounds and he is very fragile and has to be handled with much care.

Tyrone and his sister Ruby have gone from tolerating each other to fast friends (well unless food is involved). Ty will now adorably put his paw on your arm and ask for more petting if you try to stop. The highlight of my every work day is the enthusiastic greeting I get when I walk in the door. Never have I been so welcomed as since Ty joined our family, what a blessing these dogs are to us. Thank you Old Dog Haven for making this possible.

Update:  Tyrone had so many health struggles and finally, we could no longer give him a good quality of life, so his very loving Final Refuge family said goodbye.  He was a very special boy and will be greatly missed.

Tyrone and Ruby

Tyrone knows how to get comfy