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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

We brought Bucky home after quite a caravan ride.  A shelter volunteer drove him from Vancouver Washington  to Olympia, then an ODH volunteer brought him to South Center, where we picked him up, coming from  Camano Island.  He had quite a long journey to get home.

Initially, Bucky was barely able to walk, obviously completely blind in one eye, and nearly deaf.  His coat was quite thin and coarse, with no tail fur at all, completely naked.  We thought he was 14-15 years old.  The ODH vet did a dental on him, after blood work, and extracted 23 teeth (and found lots of his tail feathers, between his teeth).  And he truly had little interest in anything besides sleep.  Bucky was started on pain meds and joint support medications for his back end.

Within 6 weeks or so, we had a new old man.  He loves to go on “walks”, in his own personal carriage, he follows me (his adoring mom) all over the house, never more than a few feet behind.  He’s learned to love eating, and he has his own alarm clock to keep meals on schedule.  Bucky now spunks and tries to play with his 3 papillon sisters, and gets excited whenever they give the alert.  He rarely has made a sound though, which we’ve greatly appreciated.  Bucky is the calmest, most adaptable 4 legged kiddo, that we’ve ever had.  He’s just a happy boy.  Bucky is a great ambassador for ODH, friendly and interested in everyone.

14-15 years old ??  We now guess his age to be closer to 10.  With a few medications and huge amounts of love, Bucky has blossomed.  He has been such a blessing to our family, we love him dearly.  And thank ODH and supporters, for bringing us together.

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