Wile E. landed in a local shelter when his person passed away. All we were told was that the husband of his person brought him to the shelter. When staff asked questions about Wile E., the man reportedly put his hand up and walked out. This poor fellow was in very bad shape, medical staff gave him a 2/6 body condition score. He was intact, very underweight, had a heart murmur. Wile E.’s ears were horribly infected and his mouth-well, the dental disease he has suffered from is long term. One can smell the infection in Wile E.’s mouth from far away.

Being a Chinese Crested, the shelter reached out to a breed rescuer.  She took Wile E. but soon realized his medical issues were far beyond her capabilities. Because he is a senior dog, she reached out to Old Dog Haven and a Final Refuge home was found for Wile E.

Wile E.’s  Final Refuge foster went to work on caring for his ear infections, getting him cleaned up and getting him to eat so that he could slowly gain weight he needed. Because his mouth is in such bad shape, Wile. E needs to be hand fed his food. Since his arrival, being more nourished, he has sprouted some hair on his back!

Thanks to those who support Old Dog Haven, Wile E. had his intake appointment where all of his issues were addressed. Antibiotics to help fight the terrible infection in his mouth was prescribed as was a pain medication. Before any kind of surgery could be done, he needed an echocardiogram to be sure his heart was strong enough for anesthesia. That was done, he began a medication for his heart (Pimobendan) and after a couple weeks, he was able to undergo his neuter.

Next up for Wile E. is a dental with a board certified dental surgeon. At one point since his arrival, 2 of his teeth fell out of his mouth, they just dropped on the floor! They were joined together by a chunk of hardened tartar and plaque. While he was under anesthesia for his neuter, his vet checked his mouth out and found he has 2 oronasal fistulas. Wile E. has only 2 remaining teeth that are firmly attached by tartar and plaque, looking much like the pair that fell out of his mouth. Sponsorships for Wile E. will help fund this much needed dental. It will be a truly wonderful day when Wile E. can finally live pain free.

In spite of all of the lack of care, Wile E.s’ capacity to love has remained. One look into those sweet eyes and you just want to help him! Wile E. gets very excited and happy about so much, his tail wags in circles, much like a propellor! He enjoys sleeping in the bed with his fosters and joining them on the couch during nighttime T.V.  His fosters found out recently that this sweet boy really likes kids. He climbed right into the lap of one of their grandsons and he followed the boys around when they came for a sleepover. In the morning when the boys were still asleep, Wile E. climbed into their bed to cuddle with them.This really touched his fosters’ hearts.

So often we don’t know the history of the dogs we take into care. How many homes have they had and lost before they finally reach Old Dog Haven? Wile E.’s Final Refuge fosters are very happy and grateful to know that he will remain with them forever because he is an Old Dog Haven dog.

Update:  Very sadly, after thorough vetting, Wile E’s medical challenges were just too great and we couldn’t ask him to continue.  His family is broken hearted and sent him on his way knowing how much he was loved.  Doing the compassionate thing is often the hardest.  He will always be in our hearts.

Wile E. in his bed on top of his fosters’ bed

In Kitchen

With his pack

Getting reassurance from Mom at vet’s office