Wiley was taken to a shelter as a stray after being found wandering alone in a parking lot.  This adorable terrier mix was considered an unlikely candidate for adoption due to his age and medical issues. The shelter found Wiley to have cataracts in both eyes, was badly in need of a dental and was dealing with arthritis which was causing him pain and mobility issues. Old Dog Haven was contacted and was able to find Wiley a perfect final refuge home to live out the rest of his life.

His final refuge foster mom tells us “Wiley came to our home and instantly stole our hearts.  He is the perfect houseguest.  He has been very quiet, gentle and sweet and is a very well behaved senior gentleman. He has adjusted well to his new home that he shares with an Old Dog Haven final refuge sister, Lola and the two go on very slow walks where Wiley has to sniff every bush and rock. He loves to come back to his new home and cuddle up on the couch on his favorite furry pillow or nap the afternoon away in his fuzzy dog bed.  He is starting to come out of his shell and now wags his tail and greets all of his new family members.  He is friendly and loves attention and gentle chin rubs.  We are thrilled Wiley will have a forever home where he will never be without a loving family again.”

In the coming days, Wiley will be examined by our Old Dog Haven vet team and will be receiving the medical care he needs. Old Dog Haven and all of its supporters ensure dogs like Wiley will always receive proper care and live out their days surrounded by the love and attention they deserve.

Update:  Dear Wiley passed away in his sleep.  This doesn’t happen often but when it does, we are thankful that the pup has such a peaceful transition.  He was dearly loved and Wiley will always be remembered and greatly missed.  He didn’t have nearly long enough with his family, but they are comforted that he enjoyed every day with them and knew he was loved and cared for every day.