When Tebow arrived at his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home he had a large lipoma hanging from his right shoulder and he was in desperate need of a full dental. Unfortunately, most of his teeth had to be removed but that hasn’t slowed him down–he’s now doing much better with the teeth he has left and his halitosis has greatly improved. The hanging fatty tumor was also removed and his family knows that he doesn’t miss that either! Tebow’s health continues to improve as he gets the medication he needs for liver disease and he’s even lost some needed weight. Whew!

You see, when Tebow arrived he was very sad. He had terrible separation anxiety and was just out of sorts because he didn’t feel well.  With patience and training by his ODH family, Tebow can now be at home without him being fearful. And now that he’s settled in and feels better, he’s really developed the confidence he needs to move forward in his golden years. His people report that “this once scared and anxious boy now has a very happy and merry disposition! He is very curious, mischievous and loves treats of any kind. He has his own spot on the couch underneath a big window and if the window is open, Tebow lays on the windowsill just like a cat.”

His family says the best thing about Tebow is his personality: “He is really just a big old goofball. He’s so funny when he picks up a fresh scent, his tail stands to attention and starts to wag. Once he really gets going he starts to ‘baroo’ as if saying, ‘Hey Mom, I found the cat! There was a cat!’ Tebow has taught me so much about patience and acceptance. He has also taught me animals are a lot more sentient than we give them credit for and we can learn so much from them! Thank you Old Dog Haven and our supporters for letting Tebow into my life.”

Update:  It was finally time to say a loving goodbye to sweet Tebow.  He enjoyed a hamburger and cookies with his family before it was time to leave.   Tebow will be missed.