Woolfie was picked up as a stray in bad condition and brought to a local shelter. The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven and ODH arranged to have him placed into a Final Refuge forever home where he could get the care he urgently needed.

Little Woolfie has an enlarged heart and heart murmur. He also has hypermature cataracts, a partially collapsing trachea and terrible teeth. Because of his heart issues, Woolfie may not be able to have a dental, but he’s now getting the heart and eye medication he needs. And he got a careful grooming right away to get rid of the terrible mats covering his body – what a relief that must have been for him! Now that Woolfie is getting essential medication and eating a healthy diet, he’s getting brighter, more curious and more interactive. He likes to explore the yard and loves being part of his pack. He also loves going for car rides!

Turns out, Woolfie is a good little greeter whenever his people come home, and he loves sleeping on the bed with them. He just loves a special chicken and beef crunchy treat that looks like a big Cheerio, and he is always a gentleman when he gently takes it from his person’s hand and retires to his bed to eat it. When this little fellow is happy, he jumps up on his special person and licks them!

Woolfie is a joyful spirit and his forever family almost didn’t expect him to start feeling so well given the shape he arrived in. This is what Old Dog Haven does for these senior dogs – thank you everyone for your continued support! Woolfie teaches us that inside every neglected dog there is a bright spirit waiting to be released.

Update:  Dear little Woolfie’s health declined suddenly and we had to say goodbye.  He was such a gentle, special boy who brightened the lives of all who knew him.  He made the most of his new, loving home and clearly enjoyed every day.  Woolfie will be greatly missed.

This is a lot of cuteness