BUGS was a STAR of a dog – a real trooper through all her adversity.  She was a recipient of the Maranda Fund, and therefore was able to have all her surgeries in one go (spay with mammary tumor removal, and removal of the 3 leg tumors.)  She gained mobility and loved to navigate the trails in the nearby wooded Park, and standing in the middle of the creek that flowed through the ravine was a favorite thing for her to do.

BUGS was always eager to get in the car, and would stop by the car door whenever we walked past. But she was horrible once on the road with her crying and very loud non-stop barking.  I resorted to wearing commercial ear protection muffs while driving in order not to arrive with a headache.

Eventually BUGS started to slow down and not want to walk so far.  We shortened our routes, then had to shorten them more, and eventually from our home to the corner became the maximum she could do.  But she would stand at the corner and watch cars, people, and other dogs pass by, always alert to any activities.  She especially enjoyed standing at the corner on warm sunny days when there was lots of pedestrian traffic.  One neighbor in particular always brought her treats – for BUGS, eating and food was the hi-light of every day right to the end – if anything got her excited, it was meal time.

When she started having trouble with her rear end, she wore a Help-‘em-Up harness so I could assist her on our walks to the corner.  Eventually needing help to get up became all the time – she would whine when she wanted to go somewhere, then wait patiently for me to come to her rescue.  Once up and moving, she could still motor around the house and all around the yard, but going to the corner was not of interest any more.  When her front legs started to give way as well, it was time to say goodbye.  I do so miss my BUGSY BOO.

BUGS was with Old Dog Haven for just over a year, and a wonderful year it was thanks to the Maranda Fund and all the generous donors who made her Final Refuge Care possible.