From Virgil’s Final Refuge Mom:

“When Virgil arrived at my home he was skinny, bedraggled, covered with scabs from skin allergies, and very frightened.  His ears hurt, he was largely blind and deaf, and had arthritis.  Nevertheless, he strutted his stuff, ignoring the fact that he no longer had any “stuff”.   Virgil’s medical needs were addressed immediately and thanks to the Maranda Fund, Virgil had an ear ablation and surgery to remove a tumor in his ear canal. This made him so much more comfortable and helped relieve his pain.

“I loved Virgil from the day he arrived.  I admired his happy view of life, his love of toys, his appetite, and his zest for fun-filled living.  He was brave, stoic in the face of pain, and happy in spite of his many medical problems.  He had a strong, loving and generous heart, was kind to Sophie Papillion, his inseparable companion, and forgiving to me as we worked through his problems.

“His groomer and his vets loved him.  Then he developed a lump, later a painful mass, under his right ear.  The cancer was aggressive, inoperable, and devastating.  He passed at home, on my lap, with his doggie Sophie beside him.  I am grateful for every second he lived with us. Virgil was my “Happy Warrior.”

“I will forever be thankful to Old Dog Haven, who chose me to be his permanent foster Mom, and to all his vets and to the techs that did their very best and treated him with love and kindness.  I am heart broken but so lucky to have had him in my life.”