“Hello. My name is Wyatt. I have had quite a journey to get me to where I am now but the journey to what will hopefully be my final, forever home is still to come. A rescue pulled me out of a shelter in another state. That rescue adopted me out here in Washington state to a family who loves me but I don’t love their kids. Not because I’m a “bad dog” but because the kids are young and they don’t always know to be gentle with me. Will you help me find an adoptive home?

“I am a very big boy; I weigh 115 pounds. No one knows my true age but I’m guessed to be between 8-10 years old. At this time I can manage quite a while before I need a potty break. I can also do stairs. But because I’m such a large boy, one must keep in mind that as I age, I may need more frequent potty breaks and I may not be able to do stairs as easily. My point is, I won’t be easily carried by someone up and down stairs!

“I truly love people and if I had my way, I’d spend all of my time with my adult humans but I can stay alone when I need to. I’m a very good fellow inside the house but I will bark when someone comes to the door or if I see someone walking by our backyard. You can imagine a dog my size with my bark could keep unwanted guests away! But please don’t think of me as a guard dog. I’m a lover who needs a home with people who know better than to make me an “outside dog”,

“I’ve lived with other dogs and I do well with dogs who are friendly and mellow like myself. I’ve never lived with cats and may consider them something to chase if I was to live with one. I enjoy daily walks. My person uses a special lead on my head that works great so I won’t pull. 

“At this time I am taking Prozac for anxiety my people believe is caused by the kids in the house. It makes me sleepy. I’d love to be able to stop taking this (weaned off slowly and under a vet’s supervision, of course) once I reach my new home and settle in.

“I long for a home where it’s peaceful and there are no surprises that I have to be mindful of. I’m happy to be a companion for a grown up human, one who will give me lots of belly rubs. In return, I will be a loyal, loving friend.”

Wyatt is posted for his owners in Gig Harbor, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.