Zayde was a stray who wound up in a shelter. Why his family never returned to claim this loving 16 year old charmer is a mystery. He may be extremely short-sighted, deaf, and have some challenging arthritis, but he doesn’t let that slow him down in the slightest.

This “happy hobo” wants nothing more than to go for a walk, enthusiastically hang out in the kitchen, and be glued to your side on the couch. With his big sad eyes and tongue sticking out of his mouth, he makes everyone who meets him laugh.

He’s smart, affectionate, and excited for life – what more could you want in an old dog?

Update – Zayde passed away at 17 years old,  while he still had a (crooked) spring in his step.

To Zayde from his Mom:

I loved the way you pressed your nose against the back of our legs and ankles to keep tabs on our movements through the house.

I loved the way you ran like a puppy on your walks, pure joy as you galloped off, heedless of direction, of your limps, of anything but moving. For you it was always the journey, not the destination.

I loved how you figured out that Marty got a treat every time he went outside to pee, so you would just go outside and come back in, over and over, a look of anticipation on your face, thinking you deserved a treat for every single trip.

I loved that, no matter where we plopped you in the bed, you just stayed there. “Guess this is where I’m sleeping tonight.” No fuss, no muss. No movement.

I loved your wild dreams, the only time you barked. Leaping two stairs at a time. Running up and down the bed ramp. The way you would bite at the air like a shark when trying to see the treat. I’ll even miss your look of betrayal when I took you to the dreaded groomer.

You weren’t about pets, but you were about being close. You were an independent gentleman and deserving of dignity. At the end, with the onset of dementia, of a declining ability to walk, no hearing and minimal sight, we could still find your joy.

But this morning your seizure showed us it was time.

I love you, Zayde, Zaydums, Demento, Hobo man, Happy Hobo. Safe travels sweet old man.