Daisy moved into our Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home after her previous owners passed away. This beagle – Labrador mix settled in so easily that I could tell she had been a well-loved part of the family in the past.

Daisy is very fat and we are working hard to help her lose weight so she can have the healthiest of golden years. She’s so food motivated it’s hard to say no to her–but we’ve held strong. She seems to especially enjoy chewing on bones and antlers appear to be her favorite.  With good food and care, her skin issues have been clearing up, her coat is improving and she’s now smelling much better. Her energy and mobility also is gradually improving as she gets healthier.

Daisy is very clear about when she needs to go out and there hasn’t been a single accident in the house. She is curious about the cats but has been great about not getting overly excited towards them – and they are gradually warming up to her. She gets along very well with our other dog and as long and as she gets to eat first, she’s pretty happy!

Daisy bonded with me after the first month here. I’m home full time and she is always by my side, which has been really nice.  I like that she’s so comfortable with me and now she’s familiar with the routine and considers this her home.  She loves our walks and afterward she takes full advantage of all the comfy dog beds throughout the house and like many senior dogs, spends the majority of her time resting. Daisy loves to bask in front of the fireplace.

Lovely Daisy is our first ODH Final Refuge dog, and while I was nervous at first, I’m now so glad we became an ODH family!  Daisy is such a sweet and gentle dog and I’m inspired by how well she’s adjusted to all the changes in her life.  During these crazy times I wish I could adapt as well as she has done with so many strange and new things.  We love our girl and look forward to sharing as much time as we can with her!

Update:  Dear Daisy’s health failed her and her very loving family had to say goodbye.  She was a special girl and much loved by her family.  She will always be in our hearts.

Adventures await!

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