Zoey is a sweet senior chihuahua who was tearfully surrendered to one of our local vet clinics for euthanasia when she became paralyzed. Zoey’s owner could no longer care for her but staff believed that Zoey could be helped with time and medication. Old Dog Haven was contacted and one of our very patient, loving forever foster families said “yes” when we asked if they were willing to help Zoey.

Now taking medications under the ever-watchful eye of her Old Dog Haven foster, Zoey is able to walk again. She does have an extremely damaged spine and it is unclear as to whether she will ever be able to walk normally or suffer more collapses in the future. But she is happy and loved so much! We were told by Zoey’s forever foster that Zoey settled right into her home, snuggling right next to her under the covers with her first night home, She made fast friends with Old Dog Haven foster Teko and the two friendly resident dogs.

Zoey needs to be spayed and could use extensive dental work. We will not do either surgery until we know she is stable. In the meantime, Zoey is very comfortable, with no pain and she has a family who provide her with tender loving care. Our goal is always quality of life and Zoey certainly has that now!

Update: Dear Zoey really enjoyed her new family and pack, but sadly, her condition deteriorated after only two months and we had to say goodbye to this sweet girl.  We are grateful she had such loving care from her Final Refuge family and they will really miss this special girl.