Little Ruby was found abandoned in a rural area. The family who found her were not able to locate her former owners so they contacted Old Dog Haven for help. Ruby had a large mass on her abdomen and they knew she would need extensive medical attention and soon.

Once in her ODH Final Refuge home, she bonded very quickly with her forever family and quickly became a part of their life. It seems as though Ruby had once been a loved pet.  Thanks to your support of ODH, Ruby was able to get the veterinary care she needed, and the abdominal mass (which was found to be a hernia) was repaired.  Finally!  Ruby can now run and pee like a normal dog.

Her ODH mom tells us that Ruby is an active and sassy little girl that rules the house. She can usually be found on her mom’s lap and…life is good!

Update:  After over four years with her wonderful Final Refuge family, Ruby’s health finally failed.  Here’s what her wonderful mom had to say:  “She was a troublemaking pizza stealing fridge climbing velcro pain in the ass bestest dog ever. We said goodbye to Ruby on a pretty good day. She lived well with her cancer for a long time but then something started bleeding inside. She took a big piece of my heart with her.”  Dear Ruby will be greatly missed and always remembered.