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September 13, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Grey Muzzle Rescue and Sanctuary by Thayne Hamilton

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September 1, 2021 Events and Announcements, General News

Wonder what it’s like to be an ODH permanent foster (Final Refuge) home? Read more about the dogs and our terrific foster families and volunteers in our September 2021 E-Newsletter and our July 2021 Print Newsletter. Miss a previous newsletter?  You can read them here: May 2021 E-Newsletter; March 2021 Print Newsletter; January 2021 E-Newsletter; November 2020…

Productive Grieving for an Animal Friend

August 9, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

If my use of the word “productive” to describe grieving sounds odd to you, indulge me a bit while I ask you to think about grieving in a way that can be productive. Grieving, like any emotion, can be productive if you allow yourself to experience the emotions attached to grieving in a way that…

Creating a Legacy for Your Pet

July 12, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  By Peggy Hoyt   Note: This month we are delighted to welcome guest blogger, Peggy Hoyt, J.D., M.B.A., B.C.S. Peggy is a Board Certified Specialist with the Florida Bar in both wills, trusts and estates and elder law. She is an author, speaker, host of the weekly “pawcast,” All My Children Wear Fur Coats,…

 A Note on Senior Pet Rescue

June 14, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

by Chelsea Saunders Note: This month we welcome guest blogger, Chelsea Saunders. Chelsea and her husband Reed have been rescuing senior dogs and cats for years.   Chelsea says: “In the late ‘90’s and early 2000’s I was a very active volunteer with several animal rescue organizations (and even worked at one for a while),…

Embrace the Changes in Your Senior Dog

May 17, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By Robert Pregulman This month we welcome guest blogger, Robert Pregulman, who runs Seattle DogSpot, a comprehensive resource for all things dog in the Seattle area, including dog friendly businesses, dog event calendar, and a blog about dog-related issues. In this blog Robert shares his thoughts about living with a senior dog. Thank you, Robert. We…

Ask Murphy

April 12, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

(Written for Murphy (who has problems typing) by his human, Joe Myers) As part of a species that studies human behavior very closely I thought I could be of some help in answering small social problems that you may be having. Here are answers to some questions that recently landed in my mailbox. Dear Murphy,…


March 15, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  by Dawn Ford  This month we welcome guest blogger Dawn Ford, co-owner of the Seattle Barkery, who has graciously offered to share one of her favorite dog treat recipes with us. If your dog has ever eaten dog treats from the Seattle Barkery, you may have wondered if you could make any of the…

It’s a Fine Line

January 25, 2021 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

    Those of us who live with senior dogs that have what most people would perceive as limitations, disabilities, age-related illnesses and disease often have a difficult time deciding whether to sing the “Poor Baby” song or act as cheerleaders encouraging the dog to be the best version of himself that he can be…

Receiving the Gifts of all Seasons from Your Dog

December 21, 2020 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  Receiving graciously is a gift too. Especially if the gift is from your dog. When you receive gifts from your dog, that act of receiving opens your heart just a bit wider. I made a list (and yes, I checked it twice) of some of the gifts you receive from your dog, and my…