Doggy Bucket Lists: Pros, Cons, Do’s and Don’ts

July 4, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

By Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM [I saw the following article the other day on vetSTREET ( and thought you might find it interesting and perhaps of help to you if you’re considering a bucket list for your dog. I like Dr. Vogelsang’s caution about making sure that the list is for your dog and not…

Ophelia: Overcoming Fear and Welcoming Love

June 27, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

                On occasion I’ll be talking about Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dogs (in permanent foster care) that are “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby” poster dogs. Their stories not only always offer opportunities for us to learn new lessons, but they’re testaments to the transformations that occur…

Old Dog Suckerness

June 13, 2016 General News, Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Do you qualify to be a member of the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Old Dog Suckers? Semi-retired psychiatrist and Old Dog Haven staff member Shirley Stallings offers a diagnostic assessment of a disorder found in people uniquely drawn to elderly dogs. Check out her criteria to see if you have this disorder: “A. A disorder that may…

Differently-abled Companion Animals

June 6, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Recently I was asked to write an article for the Washington Animal Control Association newsletter about caring for companion animals that are disabled. Even though you read a blog several weeks ago about living with a blind dog I thought this article might be of interest to you because of my overall perception regarding disabilities.…

Why Do Senior Dogs End Up in Shelters?

May 30, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

  For those of you who have a love for senior dogs and wonder why an old dog would end up in a shelter, this posting provides information that will answer your question. Knowing the why behind the thousands of homeless senior dogs living in shelters probably isn’t particularly helpful, but I just felt you…

Welcoming a New Old Dog to Your Home

May 23, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the “Old Dogs Club” and are thinking about adopting or fostering an older dog I have a few thoughts about a welcoming routine that you might find helpful, so I’ll just pass them on for your consideration. Just use what makes sense for your situation. I’m going…

Bogart’s Advice to Dogs on Doggie/Human Manners

May 9, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Here are a few tips for dogs on good manners with humans from Bogart, an experienced Old Dog Haven Maltese. (Thanks to Joe Myers for being Bogart’s voice.) *  The faster you eat the more you show your appreciation of your food. *  A good belch afterwards shows even more appreciation. * When walking your…

Thank you!

April 30, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

You truly did GiveBIG this year for Old Dog Haven. You made this year the best yet for the Old Dog Haven’s GiveBIG event.  We don’t have the final numbers of donors and donations for the May 3 & 4 GiveBIG campaign, but we are well above last year’s totals and are so very grateful.…

Blind Dogs

April 25, 2016 Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Our guest blogger this week is Old Dog Haven foster dad Jim Perkins. Jim is pictured with his wife Sharon and their two blind dogs Elke and Minky.   Nobody wants a blind dog, right? Well, not absolutely no one, but it’s a rare individual who would choose to give a home to blind dog.…

Communicating With a Deaf Dog Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

April 18, 2016 General News, Life Lessons from Old Dogs

Our guest blogger this week, Old Dog Haven foster mom Tonya Kniest, shares her thoughts about teaching a deaf old dog new tricks. Pictured right are Tonya with Lizzy.   My first Final Refuge foster, Lizzy, came to me deaf, tail tucked, and fearful of sudden moves toward her, even trying to scramble to the…

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