“Hello, My name is Pierre.

“My new foster mum calls me her little gentleman because she says I have such genteel manners. I came to a shelter after a lady that only had me a year gave me up because I was “unwanted”. My foster mum thinks this is so strange because I have such good doggie manners and am so sweet natured. The lady that didn’t want me kept me in a kennel. I was kept in the kennel all by myself for sometimes 16 hrs a day. I was so lonely then.

“When Old Dog Haven saw me in the shelter, I had painful rotten teeth and a fractured jaw from neglected dental. The shelter doctor decided it was best that they take all my teeth out, which has made eating sometimes a little tough. I sometimes get food all over the kitchen when I eat, and I look embarrassed, but my foster mum just laughs and says “Good Boy! I’m glad you’re eating!” and gives me pats, which makes me feel better.

“After I was pulled from the shelter, I went to my first ODH mum, that was the nicest lady. She made me knit sweaters and gave me a new name, Pierre, that fit me so much better than my shelter name. She loved me so much, but I couldn’t make her stairs very well after I did the splits by accident and hurt my hip. I was trying to do French Circus tricks like all my Poodle ancestors off her bed. She had back issues and taking me up the stairs was hurting her, even though she did it for six months, she loved me that much. She was so sad to let me go, but the nice people at Old Dog Haven found another mum to take care of me.

“My new mum loves me just as much. My new ODH mum had a little sister for me. I say little but she’s 14 and I’m 11, but she is much smaller than me, even though I’m little too. She’s a Maltese, like me (I’m a Maltipoo). And she’s toothless too! Our mum calls us the floppy tongue buddies. The first day I was with my new mum I was so afraid she was going to leave me all by myself for a long time like the lady that gave me up I wouldn’t sleep in my new bed and instead decided to sit under her chair all day. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to leave me all alone again, but I still just like to be near to her. She got another bed that fits under her chair, so I can be close while she works during the day. I also follow her around the house wherever she goes. If she leaves for a bit, I wait by the front door on the mat for her to come back. Sometimes she gets stressed, and I don’t understand so I just try to be as close to her as I can, so she feels better. I love my mum. She calls me her Pierre Bear.

“My favorite thing in the whole world is to go for walks every day in the woods with my foster mum. I count down the minutes until she takes me for a walk, looking back and forth at the door when I know it’s close to time. I’m active for my age and my mum thinks I’m going to be around for quite a few more years. Because I’m so active, I’ve even got my sister excited to go on walks too, even though she gets tired sometimes and our mum has to carry her. I also love having the wind blow in my face in the car and I’m really excited to go out in my mum’s convertible this summer. Scritches under my left ear in just the right spot are the best thing too.

“At night I snuggle with my little sister, mum and sometimes even the cat. I just love having company…even the cat… I have a heart problem from my dental issues (but my foster mum says it’s because I have such a loving heart), and quite a few other medical problems that make me unadoptable. I have to be on a special prescription diet to help my kidneys and liver feel better, and I’m stiff in the morning sometimes, but I am very excited for breakfast, and just wag my tail.

“My mum and the nice people that sponsor us at Old Dog Haven make sure that all of my medical needs are taken care of, so I can really live it up and feel great in my golden years. But most importantly, I’m not lonely anymore and never will be again, because I’m very loved, as a gentleman as sweet as me should be.”

Update:  After soaking up lots of love and cuddles, it was finally time to let little Pierre move on.  He had the best care and was very well loved.  He will be missed.