“Hi.  My name is Nalah,

“I’m 14.  I cant hear very much and see only a little.  I am a love bug though.

“I was brought into the humane society as a stray.  When the person on my microchip was contacted, they said they’d given me to someone a year ago and they didn’t want me back.

“My eyes were covered with matts.  In fact ,all of my hair had to be shaved.  I’ve had major surgery to remove mammory tumors?  I still have some.  I’m  so thin you can see every bone. Every vertebrate.

“My new forever mom  and my new pack and ODH are taking good care of me. They will love me forever. I knew that the minute I met them.

“I have an appointment  with an eye specialist  and one of ODH’s best vets to make sure I have everything I need.   I’m a happy girl and thankful Old Dog Haven came to my rescue.

“It was very nice to meet you.”


Update from Nalah’s Mom:  Nalah was a joy.  She arrived and was immediately a part of the pack.  The first thing she did was help herself to a carrot.

She spent five happy days.  Going outside.  Watching movies on the couch.  Eating.  Oh my!  She loved to eat.  Snuggling.   But then, in the middle of the night her body gave out.
I am so honored that she was a part of our lives.  Our time together was too short.  As she left this world, I held her in my arms.  She knew she was loved.
Nalah, I will love you forever.  I will miss you forever.