Max is a charming and very sweet shih tzu who was given up to an Animal Control Officer who said he looked “pretty good” and was about 10 years old. ODH arranged for another rescue to take him into foster care, with ODH covering intake medical expenses, thinking that he could be adopted. As we learned about his health it was clear that his care was too expensive to appeal to adopters so he moved to an ODH Final Refuge home. He came to us with some challenges! His dental disease was so extensive that part of his lower jaw had to be removed; he had a bladder stone removed and must remain on prescription food; he has trouble getting up and down stairs. He has severe dry eye and sees an eye specialist regularly and requires medicated eye drops for the rest of his life.

Max is now in his permanent foster home and is doing quite well. He loves to go for car rides, play with his ball (he can play with it for hours at a time if you let him) and, after a short adjustment period, settled in nicely with his new brother and sister, a chihuahua and a rat terrier mix. He can even make it up the stairs once in a while! He is a very friendly dog and is the happiest when his foster mom gets home from work. He gets so excited and just wiggles around everywhere. He is very playful and will paw your feet to get your attention so that you will play with him.

Because of his lower jaw, he tongue is always hanging out. A lot of people ask questions, but they think it is just adorable. He loves everyone and really enjoys meeting new people. He loves to be outside, either in the yard running around with the other dogs or going for a walk. He also really enjoys his naps. He has become a part of the family and is loved a lot and is fitting in perfectly!

Update:  After almost 4 years it was finally time to say goodbye to dear Max. He brought so much joy and was such a brave, loving boy.