Her foster mom says:

Sweet Dilly, who we believe is about 12 years old, was discovered tied up to the outside of a shelter. She might be a mixed Maltese, Irish Terrier or Poodle but at this point only Dilly knows, and she is not talking.

Her fur was cut very short at the shelter, but now it’s growing back curly and soft as spun cotton and she becomes cuter every day. She has a luxating patella on her right rear leg and a collapsing trachea for which she requires daily medication and some careful watching. She also has Cushings and can be uncomfortable in her tummy area at times.

However, Dilly remains cheerful and bouncy through everything and is always up for a walk. If her leg is sore she still insists on going and we just take it slow. She recently had a dental and only had mild tartar build up and several teeth already missing.

Dilly sleeps on the bed with us every night, but prefers sleeping at the foot of the bed so her foster mom can’t cuddle her at night. She does enjoy being held and rocked in the morning for a little while however.

Dilly of course has had adjustment issues. She can be food-aggressive and worries terribly when we must leave even with three other dogs to keep her company. Hopefully that will improve over time—we’re sure she knows we are very happy to have her with us and love her very much!